Avantur Fine Art

This is where adventure meets the fine art experience.

Avantur Fine Art is developed from a mutual affection for adventure, an appreciation of fine art, a desire to create one of a kind, unique pieces, an awe for the beauty of the natural world, & a unique wanderlust.

By bringing these pieces into homes & businesses, we have created a way to share our journey and awe with the world. This space is an invitation into the adventures, travels, and experiences of the heart behind Avantur.

Custom Watercolor Art

Is there a sunrise, sunset, trip, or event that you captured and would love to have artwork created from?

Reach out, and let's discuss what that could look like in your own home!

[feirn-vay] - German
(n.) Wanderlust | an ache for distant places, missing places you've never been. "Craving for travel"